Working with us is an opportunity to have flexible hours according to YOUR availability and to increase YOUR income while maintaining a balance between work and your personal life.

It is also an opportunity to vary your tasks by working with diverse clienteles, according to your interests and skills.

Our job is to organize your work in the best possible way. We are an available and accessible management team, which offers you the necessary support, during your orientation period and throughout your employment with us.


Training is a priority for us. All our people are trained and have their CPR, PDSB and Bill 90 (optional) competency cards when they are hired. Subsequently, since training is an ongoing process at Ressources Santé LM, our people regularly receive training in order to renew their accreditations. In addition, the company agrees to reimburse license renewal fees with a commitment from the employee. We also offer the possibility of training people who wish to pursue a career in home care.

Communication, a priority

We are committed as a company to respecting the principle of the open door. We are committed to sharing as much information as possible on a regular and transparent basis. We know that information is an invaluable asset; through the sending of company memos, the monthly RSVP, we ensure that you are well informed, both about our procedures and our services. The coordination staff is always present to help you and answer your questions.

Our advantages

  • Possibility of bonuses
  • Voluntary RRSP
  • Ten (10) statutory holidays
  • Two (2) paid sick days based on hours worked